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Cornelia Voglsang

About me and my work

Born as a clairvoyant child in 1965 and active again since 2009, with the ability I was given I can offer this treatment method after 15 years of training in the spiritual world.


Aura surgery is surgery in the subtle body, i.e., in the body's energy field. What is special here compared to the usual, well-known practices, is the execution and procedure.


I do not work on the disease process, but a team of 9 specialists with specializations in the fields of surgery, orthopedics, psychology, skin, blood vessels, blood, heart, internal organs, eyes, and brain, among others. 

I bring the clients into the virtual operating room. Only in this area are clients treated and/or operated on. The actual causes of the illness can be determined there. In my experience, this is as "exceptionally" accurate and precise as the surgical and treatment methods used. Every treatment that is also carried out in the earthly realm - except for acute cases - illnesses of various kinds or their causes can be constructively treated, operated on, or alleviated by the Light Doctors.


My service is to do special energy work during the session to enable the aura surgery to take place and to facilitate communication between the client and the light doctor team. Everyone receives all information about the healing process and can ask questions through me.


Children (till of legal age only with parental permission) can also be treated. A light doctor is also available for operations and work with animals.


I can work on-site wherever the field is right, as well as remotely, e.g., via Skype, if the client is suitably prepared. It is also possible to obtain only medical recommendations via my mediumistic abilities, without auric surgery. 


These are the essential cornerstones of my work, which I also offer in a public setting with the consent of all parties involved. On request, I can report on my work, methods, and experiences to interested parties.


The sessions are not linked to any denominations, pre-treatments, or conditions and can also be carried out alongside medical, outpatient,or clinical therapy. Before each collaboration, the procedure is discussed in detail, and consent is obtained personally.


Significantly, all light doctors have been incarnated several times on earth and have a high level of professional specialization. I cannot think of a word in the German language to describe the genius of their work and methods. I feel the utmost humbleness and gratitude.


My thanks to all earthly doctors and medical helpers who provide invaluable services here in the physical realm on Mother Earth. I see my work with my offered abilities as support to the service of a healthy humanity.


The financial energy compensation depends on your wishes and the associated costs. This clarification will take place in a personal consultation.


The best way to contact me is via my e-mail address:


Or via my telephone number 0049 176 404589 47  (Preferably via WhatsApp)


I am not allowed to offer you any promises of healing or prognoses, thank you for your understanding.


Finally, I would like to highlight that the cosmic laws and, therefore,also free will apply and work for each of us equally. Please respect my valuable work and the information on this website and only contact me if you have serious questions or inquiries. Thank you in advance.


Yours Sincerely, Cornelia Voglsang


Cornelia Voglsang, Dorfstrasse 6a, 09623 Nassau/Frauenstein

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